The Village of Lake Nebagamon Cemetery can be accessed by using Maple Creek Rd. off County Rd. B or
Cemetery Rd. off County Rd. B & P. Plots are available for purchase through the Sexton or Village Office, and
the rules for burials are listed below.

Consulting Sexton
Dan Bergsten

Village Office

Burial Rules & Regulations

  • No permanent trees, shrubs, or bushes allowed to be planted.  
  • Decorations remaining on graves will be removed after October 1st.  At any time, items considered unsightly, damaged, detrimental, dangerous, or inconvenient for the care of the cemetery shall be removed.
  • No fences to be installed.
  • Plot may hold one regular vault; or, one existing vault and 2 cremains; or 2 cremains.
  • Cremains do not need a vault.
  • Lots may not be sold to anyone other than to the Village of Lake Nebagamon.  Plots may be conveyed or given only to family members.
  • The cemetery sexton or designee shall be the only one authorized to do the digging for a regular burial or the burial of cremains.
  • No tents allowed between November 1 and April 1.
  • Winter burials are allowed in the winter subject to weather conditions.  The Cemetery Board in consultation with eh sexton will determine whether or not such conditions shall prevent a burial from taking place at that time.
  • No Sunday or Holiday funerals or burials will be permitted.  
  • No headstones installed without sexton contact.  Stones set improperly or in the wrong place will be removed and the replacement installation cost will be the responsibility of the monument installer.
  • Mounds prohibited.  No person may raise the level of the earth over any grave in a Village cemetery above the general level of the cemetery lot.
  • Setting up the “Wilbert Way” (cables - suspended) is prohibited.

Fee Schedule

Burial Rates
November 2019

Monday-FridayAfter 3:00 pmSaturdayAfter 3:00 pm
Regular Burial700800800900
Cremation Burial400500500600

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