Municipal Code (Village of Lake Nebagamon Ordinance)
Zoning Ordinance
Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Floodplain Zoning Ordinance
Sewer Ordinance


Village of Lake Nebagamon Complaint Form 
Auditorium Rental Agreement

Permit Applications - All documents below are .pdf files and require Adobe Reader to open.
Land Use permits required for all construction. Please call the Village Office at 715-374-3101 for more information.

Land Use Application  (for all construction)
Rezoning and Conditional Use Application
Fence Permit Application
Wood Burning Furnace Application
Sign Permit Application
Driveway Application
Address Number Application
Sewer Lateral Application

Boat Houses: Any construction located on the same lot as principal building and used for protecting or storing boats.

The Zoning Ordinance states that boat houses are to be 180 square feet and 10 feet in height. Boat houses shall bet set back a minimum of two feet and no more than twenty feet from the ordinary high-water-line. Boathouses shall be designed and constructed solely for the storage of boats and related equipment and shall not be used for human habitation.

Our newly formed Lake Preservation Committee, under the auspices of the Village Board's Planning and Development Committee, is seriously reviewing uses of boat houses and whether they will be allowed in the future. The most serious concern the Village has is whether or not there are bathroom or kitchen facilities in these construction that are so close to the Lake which could have adverse impact on water quality. This is a great concern to many of our lake residents. We are asking all homeowners to be aware of these problems to protect our lake.