Village Board
Sonda Strom Larson, President, Finance Chair,
Planning & Development Chair
Jake Fuller, Safety/Health & Enviro. Chair
Jim Jonasen, Public Works and Finance Committees
Jeff Buhr, Finance and Public Safety Committees
Tim Huber, Finance and Planning and Dev. Committees
Jim Smith, Public Works and Planning and Dev. Committees

Treasurer/Administrator Zoning
Swan S. Dawson

Village Clerk
Amy Huber

Sewer Commission
John Stack, Operations
Todd Larson, Chair
Howard Levo
Bill Anderson

Zoning Commission
Tim Huber, Chair
John Borg
John Woodbury
Sheri Feiro
Mike Ross
Paul Wangen

Zoning Board of Appeals
Dan Dulinski, Chair
John Borg
Jim Jonasen
Ray Enright
Wendy Maas
Howard Levo - Alternate
Dave Meyer - Alternate

Fire Department
Jim Dawson, Chief

Public Works
Jim Dawson
Dennis Paulson

Police Department
Pete Witt

County Board Supervisor
Jim Borgeson

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