Village Board
Meets at 7:00 pm the 1st Tuesday of each month - exception months with elections or Holidays.

Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Meetings are 6:30 pm on the 2nd and last Thursday of the month, at the hall. Come join our department.

Auditorium Monthly:
-Zoning meets 6:30 pm the 3rd Monday
-Sewer Commision meets at 6 pm the last Tuesday
-Lions Club meets at 7 pm the 3rd Thursday

Open Memorial Day thru Labor Day
$15 per night
No more than 14 nights consecutive

Restrooms only
First Come First Serve

Village Auditorium  11596 E Waterfront Drive, PO Box 517, Lake Nebagamon, WI 54849
phone:715-374-3101  fax:715-374-3728


Welcome to the Village of Lake Nebagamon in Douglas County, Wisconsin.  Our lake is 950 acres which is used all seasons for fishing, boating, swimming, and enjoyment.  We are very proud of our lake which a very important asset to our community.  Our beach remains a focal point where young and old congregate day and night bringing enjoyment for the whole family, and our boat landing is used all seasons for public access.

Our population varies from 1078 year around to double or more during the summer when many of our seasonal residents return to the community or just come out from Superior/Duluth area to enjoy their cabins.

The weather in Lake Nebagamon for the most part is 20 degrees warmer in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Check local sites or call the village any day to find the weather for that day.

In 1882 the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railroad constructed a line across northern Wisconsin.  A portion of that line ran through now what is the Village of Lake Nebagamon.  A little Trivia here is Lake Nebagamon is a derivation of the Chippewa Indian Phrase “Nee-bay-go-moh-win,” place to hunt deer by fire from the water.  The Weyerhauser Lumber Company operated several camps in the Village in the early 1900’s.

The auditorium in Lake Nebagamon is a focal point that is used for all kinds of activities and remains on the National Historic Register.  Activities such as roller skating, dances, weddings, Community events, dance classes, exercise classes, reunions, and graduations are all available to the public to use.  The government offices also occupy the auditorium available to the public all weekdays and it is where our elections are held.  The auditorium is available for use in case of emergencies for any disaster that may occur.

The Village finally has a website and we are proud of it.  We are working to get more information on the site and we will continually update to make it better by informing the public regarding governmental and other event  in the Community.


Stay tuned for events to be added!


1st Friday of Every Month - 8am-11am Auditorium
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MoveFit Class

Tuesdays at 6:30pm